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By supporting the Foundation,

You participate in the development of ethics, which more than ever lies at the heart of decisions and actions in all areas of society (education, business, finance, etc.).

You contribute to the implementation and promotion of concrete actions in education, research and the dissemination of ethics;

You benefit (if you pay taxes in France) from a tax deduction on your income tax (IR), wealth tax (ISF) or corporate tax (IS):

  • Income Tax: 66% of your payments, up to 20% of your income

  • Wealth Tax: 75% of your payments, up to 50 000

  • Corporate Tax: 60% of your payments, up to 0.5% of your turnover.

At the beginning of the new fiscal year, a tax receipt summarizing all of your previous year's donations will be sent to you, which is to be filled with your tax return.

As a French public interest charity, the accounts of Foundation Ostad Elahi are audited by a certified public auditor and the Ministry of the Interior before being sent to the prefecture of Paris (France) and published as official records.

Please direct any questions to the Foundation at (+33) 01 47 27 14 89, or by email to